Hi, I'm Claepots and I'm a digital artist in the USA. I usually draw my TTRPG characters, but occasionally fanart, and sometimes even commissions!

Terms of Service

- Client may provide a thumbnail/image for reference
- Client may ask for alterations after initial sketch is done if it does not fit client’s vision.
- Client may cancel commission; if done before work begins a full refund will be made, if cancelled afterwards then only 50% will be refunded.
- Client may use finished work for online banners, icons, or other non-commercial, but may not alter the work itself.
- Client may not sell work without explicit permission.
- Client may not mint work for use in blockchain-based projects.
- Client may not use commissioned art for training AI.
- Client may ask for up to 5 revisions total during the feedback process.
- Artist may cancel a commission due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior, unforeseen circumstances, or any other reason.
- Artist may cancel a commission, in which case payment will be 100% refunded.
- Artist may upload finished commissions onto social media and any personal website or gallery.
- Artist may use any sketches or preparatory works for other pieces.
- Updates will be sent to ensure the commission is going smoothly and the artist can proceed with the next steps
- Prices may differ from price list based on complexity of content
- 50% of the payment will be upfront
- Payment will be through Paypal.
By commissioning me you agree to all of the above. If you break these terms, it will result in you no longer being able to commission me.

What I will Draw

- Furries
- Humanoid
- Self-ship
- OC x Canon

What I won't Draw

- Mechas
- NFTs
- Vehicles
- Offensive Material (Incest, Pedophilic Ships, Hate Speech)
- Graphic Design (Stream Overlays, Buttons, etc.)

If you something you want isn't on this list, feel free to ask!

TypeSketchFlat ColoredCel ShadedFull Render
Half body$45$60$75$90
Full body$55$70$85$120


Additional Character +100%
Complexity +10%
NSFW + 20%
Kink + 20%
Simple Background +5%
Complex Background + 25%
Character design/no ref + 10%


Character Reference Sheet: Starts at $150, assuming only one front view, full body, no inventory items. Simple background. Consult me for total price of what you want.Buy three or more emotes at once, get a 25% discount on total price!

If you something you want isn't on this list, feel free to ask!

No Additional Charge+20% UpchargeOff Limits
Transformation, BDSM, knots, exotic genitalia* (such as aliens or robots)Vore, micro/macro, feet, hyper*, musk, blood, inflatable, objectophiliaGuro, necrophilia, race play, detrans, conversion, incest (including adopted/step), rape, cub/pedophilia/loli/shota/underage characters, real people (exception for commissioner's self), diaper, bathroom kinks, feral, bestiality

*subject to complexity upcharge